About Us

We have been in operation since October 16th 2012.

Our Superior Carpet Cleaning Method*

*Extra time spent prespraying and agitating your traffic areas before we steam clean because the wand does not clean the carpet, it reveals how well we presprayed. we spend 40% of our time on the prespray and rake agitation before we even begin the steam cleaning with our wand. This ensures maximum dwell time.

*A neutralizing rinse is the only thing we run through or wands to ensure non-residue.

*2 quality checks, per area cleaned, are performed by our Master Technician.

The Art Of Extreme Cleaning!!

All of are employees are screened for a criminal background ​check. Also all employees are trained and certified professionals.We specialize in Cleaning Carpets and upholstery.We also offer Carpet Installation and repair, stripping and waxing of all hard surface floors. We also offer tile and grout cleaning. And we have a housekeeping cleaning crew that handles all cleanups  be it Commercial Cleaning or Residential.When you select Extreme Clean Carpets LLC you are being serviced by one of the best companys around. We use all Truckmounted Units.